Let Others See Your Soul

Have you ever met someone that you can not forget? Someone who left an impression on you so significant that they changed your thinking…a divine moment. Often our daily activities involve the wearing of our professional/social masks. We have been schooled from birth on what to say and what not to say. We do not want to interfere or be thought pushy or presumptuous. We care for our friends and colleagues and family…however we do not want to be considered…Out There…or extreme. Safe is our operative operational conduct. We have a good and encouraging word for others…but we do not want to be misunderstood.

Masks are removed from time to time. The reaction from our peers is amazement and joy and peace be unto you.

I have heard it said that a person who loses a loved one wishes that they had told them how much that they meant to them…before they passed away. At times life can be a bit artificial in our daily routine. We are fascinated by robots and we study the discipline of emulating them. Hurt comes with letting others see your soul…at times…but it is well worth the ride.

Secrets we keep…and we are quite good at keeping. A life well lived is a life of honesty and joy and suffering…and sharing the experience of our soul.

2 responses

  1. the timing of my reading this post could not be more perfect. i have been struggling mightily with the wish to become invisible–to re-mask, but harder. what i came to know this morning? that is not the way.

    so yout last paragraph here? my heart absolutely reads it as affirmation i am on the right track. 💚

    1. I am so happy to hear that something I have written helps or comforts. Thank you, my friend.

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