Mystery Beyond The Clouds

Clouds captivate me. Their ever-changing form is endless. Have you noticed how they look from an airplane? Sometimes like a big fluffy pillow. When I look up I see a different world than my terra firma experience. When I look down from a jet I see another earth than when I am standing on it and in the midst of all that surrounds me. Perspective is everything.

So many things divide us for no logical reason. The color of our skin or the faith that we attest to…or the lack thereof. Some are assured that they are highly educated and that they are members of the Elite Club…and we…The Great Unwashed…shall not enter in. We climb upon our soapbox and proclaim…’Thank God I am saved!’…with the caveat unsaid that

so many of the rest of you poor dumb bastards are not.

What if each of us is a ‘Bit of God?’ When we malign or marginalize or say to members of our human family…’ Move along now…nothing to see here…’ we are telling God…we are not interested…

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