Soon comes Maine. Maine has lobster. Maine is good…lobster is good. We have planned for a year…and now the time of our departure is nigh. It seems that there is either lobster or something with lobster in it at every restaurant we visited. I used to enjoy watching the live lobsters in the big tank at Red Lobster. Then I would think…soon they will be dead.

The lobster is dropped into boiling water…alive. A bit like life…don’t you think? I am reminded of the old adage…’You do not want to see where the sausage is made. Moments in Maine are magic. Eating at the Seaside Restaurant in Camden…was special. As we sat next to the water on the deck a man who was sailing his boat stopped and called out to us as to the correct time. When we told him he thanked us and noted that he was late for an important meeting.

Ocean Point Inn at Boothbay Harbor feels like home. This will be our third visit. The Inn is next to the Ocean. A more peaceful place I have not found. Often the waves lap up onto the shore. The mysteries of the ages are hidden in the Ocean. The staff is especially friendly and soon you are family.

Maine Lighthouses are beautiful. We see one or two every time we are there. Lighthouses were vital to the sailing ships seeking shore. The Maine coast is very rocky. I ponder that if the Lighthouse could speak…what stories it would tell. We visited Bar Harbor on numerous occasions. Bar Harbor was known as the destination spot for the rich and famous 100 years ago. We had dinner in one of the restaurants and after we returned home we discovered that President Obama and his family dined there a week after us.

Southwest Harbor was our destination for our first two journeys to Maine. Storm of the Century, a movie based on a Stephen King novel, was filmed in Southwest Harbor. We stayed at a delightful Bed and Breakfast and the breakfast and dessert were to die for. One of the little restaurants that we visited on both occasions that we stayed in the Bed and Breakfast…remembered us and greeted us warmly…although it had been a year since our last visit.

When in Maine we neither talk about politics nor religion…we prefer to luxuriate in the miracle of God…that is Maine… Mainers are hard-working people who are in touch with the Ocean and the unique secret that is their home.

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  1. Beautiful Maine. We used to camp up there when our kids were little. My last visit was with my late husband, he’d never been. We visited the Nubble Light and he was hooked ❤️

  2. Maine is on my bucket list! I esp want to visit Acadia.

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