MJ and I have been watching You on Netflix. It is about a bookstore attendant…who marches to the beat of a different drummer. Diabolical would be the best word to describe him. Thinking of You…caused me to remember the Elfian Bookstore owner who I met in Bar Harbor, Maine. The bookstore had a plethora of old books and they had the vintage prices to match. The owner seemed Wiley and wizened. He watched me carefully as I strolled the packed aisles. He asked me in a squeaky voice…what my reading interest was. I mentioned several literary pursuits and when I said that I enjoyed reading the Bible…he stood up with bright eyes and motioned for me to follow him. Before us was miniature volumes of the Pentateuch. ‘You are familiar with the Pentateuch,’ the Elf asked. ‘Yes, I am…but I have never seen such small volumes,’ I replied.

‘They are magic…it has been said that they were in the Ark of the Covenant,’ Elf said with a sly smile. As I began to open the first of the tiny books…the Elf cried out, ‘No not in here…you must wait and open the special books in your home!’ I paid the Elf and he placed my purchase in the bookstore brown paper and tied the paper securely with a white string. As we left the Bookstore…the Elf called out, ‘Please come back and see me…If you dare.’

Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

As soon as we departed…the Elf shut the door firmly and locked it and put a closed sign in the window. I wanted his business card…but he did not return to the door to see what the commotion was all about…or to unlock the door.

‘Pardon me…do you have a telephone number for the old man who owns the bookstore,’ I asked the Stationary Store Owner that was next door. ‘Oh my…that store has been closed since the owner died…ten years ago,’ said the Stationary Store Owner.

‘Open your package quick,’ said Aaron and Jonathon. As I cut the white string and opened the careful flaps of the brown paper…grey powder spilled out…

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  1. A fabulous read, my friend. Loved it!

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