Orpheum Theatre and Hot Dog Roast

‘It is a cool September 12th,’ Billy B. said as he entered the classroom. ‘Sixty-one degrees replied Chet. ‘No more Pounds Hollow until next year,’ Jane bemoaned. ‘Unless we take the Park Rangers’ advice and go to the Hollow in the evening and he will let us in, Darryl added. ‘The Orpheum is screening an early Halloween movie…Dracula…and I think we all must attend,’ Billy B. noted. ‘Doesn’t the Orpheum only show movies from Friday thru Sunday,’ Jane asked. ‘They have a special showing that begins Wednesday thru Sunday in honor of the Halloween Fest that is happening in Eldorado this year,’ Billy B. said with a wide grin. ‘Yes, and our school is on holiday from Wednesday until Friday this week due to a Teachers Workshop,’ Jane beamed.

‘The Theatre is empty except for us,’ Jane noted. ‘Well it is Wednesday night,’ Chet replied. ‘These seats are plush,’ Billy B. said with a dreamy smile. ‘I never drink…wine,’ Dracula uttered. Darryl had to go to the restroom and when he passed the concession stand he noticed that it was closed. ‘That is a bit odd…perhaps the person manning the concessions is on break, he thought. When Darryl returned to his seat…Jane and Chet and Billy B. were not there.

‘What a great fall night for camping,’ Jane said. ‘I could use another Hot Dog…this time don’t go skimpy on the relish,’ Chet chortled. ‘When did you arrive Neva J.,’ Darryl asked. ‘I have been here since early afternoon…I had a glass or two of Merlot…and enjoyed nature,’ Neva J. smiled. ‘I drove by the Orpheum to pick you guys up in the Chevy…but the Theatre was closed,’ Neva J. said with a confused look.

Happy Halloween said the banner that was adorned with pumpkins and cornstalks and images of ghosts and Frankenstein and Dracula and the Creature From The Black Lagoon. Billy B. and Jane and Darryl and Chet were in their glory. ‘Let’s go see a movie at the Orpheum,’ said Jane. ‘A capital idea as they are running Dracula with Bella Lugosi in honor of Halloween Fest,’ Chet observed. ‘Look who is coming out of the Orpheum…it is us…

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