We returned from our Maine Holiday last evening…and it was…Yum! Our first Maine Restaurant stop for the past two years has been, Taste Of Maine. It is a trendy place as we observed three tour buses come in for dinner while we were there. There is also all manner of figurines and collectibles and brick brack lining the walls of the happening spot. However, our waiter was the highlight of our visit. I have never met a server who was more into their job. He was on the verge of dancing on one of his feet and then dancing on the other. For each entree and drink and dessert that we ordered he would pronounce…with heartfelt glee…Yum… When we finished the various dishes or drinks…his smile beamed and his eyes danced and he said with equal enthusiasm…Yum! The food is to die for and when we stop there…we know that we have arrived at our Maine Home…and Yum describes the entire experience.

Love is the proper word for Maine. We love it and can not get enough of it! Our niece, Paige, accompanied her grandpa, Ron, and Ira Kaye. She is simply a delight! When I reflect on any element of the Maine visit…I see Paige’s smiling face and hear her laugh…and she laughed often at the Yum story.

The ocean is my magnetic. It is my true north. I would not mind being buried at sea…like the old sailors. My dad was a sailor. I can watch the Ocean for hours on end…and it is always changing. Life is full of trivial pursuits…The ocean is forever and majestic…and is part of our past and present and future.

Our favorite waiter at Ports of Italy seemed to ignore us a bit. We were enamored with him from years gone by…and we requested him for our last dinner at the Restaurant…and it dawned on me…the magic of the encounter was in us…not the location or the recalcitrant waiter.

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  1. Amazing photos of a fabulous holiday. Being an ocean lover myself, I love how you describe the ocean. Thanks for sharing your holiday.

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