Change is Fearful and Fulfilling

Day Two at the Woods. Giant City State Park has a lot of exploring to be done. The leaves are changing and falling. I am sitting on the Writing Porch and it is a cool 67 degrees. Earlier this week our temperature hit 100. We planned our Maine Holiday for a year…and now we are returned with our memories. Mylo is happy to see us. At this time of year…12 years ago I was eagerly anticipating my imminent retirement from Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale. I did not know what lay in store for me…but I knew that it would be a bit different than what I had been accustomed to.

At times we go about as if we are lords of the universe when in reality we are made up of the same components that comprise our earth and our home. We are unique creatures that can philosophically analyze our surroundings while we are at the same time made up of the same ‘stuff’ as we are pontificating on. In the Woods, I see the vastness of nature and our temporary lease on a great property. We march and strut and preen and demonstrate our pride of place…all the while nature and the animal kingdom and the Creator…watch with a benevolent sideways grin.

The Ocean sees our family of man and remembers our ancestors and their ancestors and when we first began… We choose one leader or another and become excited and enthused and ecstatic…only to see them grow old and go down to our earthly resting place.

Points are for proving! Arguments are for winning. We want to be winners…and not losers… And the clock ticks…and the sundial moves as the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Fall has come and the leaves will turn brown and return to the earth…and then winter snow will lay upon the fallen leaves…and then spring will bring new green leaves and shoots of grass and the singing of birds…’And the sound of the turtledove will be heard in our land.’

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