All Hallows Eve

‘Pope Gregory III established All Saints’ Day, also known as All Hallows’ Day, a day to honor all saints of the church that have attained heaven. ‘The evening before All Saints’ Day became a holy, or hallowed, eve and thus Halloween,’ according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

‘This Halloween is going to be the best,’ Billy B. enthusiastically announced. ‘Why would that be the case,’ Chet asked crookedly. ‘This year we are going to have our Halloween Party in Wolf Creek Cemetery,’ Billy B. answered. ‘That may be difficult to do with the Sexton guarding the cemetery all night,’ Jane postulated. ‘Yes, but I know his secret…he likes Merlot…and Neva J. has more than enough to place him ‘In His Cups,’ Billy B. noted as he rubbed his hands together as if washing them. ‘Samuel the Sexton does not begin his shift until 11:00 P:M:…perhaps we could slip in and hide behind some of the larger Tombstones,’ Darryl suggested. ‘That would work if Samuel arrives at his appointed shift starting time…but he has a habit of walking among the graves and stopping to talk with each one…as if they could hear him,’ Neva J. advised.

‘Good to see you again Samuel…how is business,’ Neva J. asked as she entered his little Sexton House. ‘Dead is what I usually tell people when they ask me that question…but it really never is for me…as I am friends with everyone who is resting at Wolf Creek,’ Samuel the Sexton said with a peaceful look in his eyes. ‘What brings you to the cemetery…Sis…,’ Samuel asked. Samuel was Neva J.s’ brother. ‘Well, I brought you and me some Merlot…since it is Hallows Eve and I knew that you would be thinking about Mom…as I am…perhaps we can drink it by her Tombstone,’ Neva J. asked. ‘Oh my goodness…I would love that…Mom will be so happy to see you…she asked about you last night when I spoke with her,’ Sam said. ‘You mean you spoke to your and Neva J.s’ Mom last night, Chet asked with great interest. ‘Indeed I did…she is fine fettle and as feisty as ever,’ Sam replied. ‘My Dad is buried here…could I speak with him, Jane asked with tears in her eyes. ‘Of course,

you may…your Dad helps me to ensure that everyone is back at their Tombstone before the sun rises each morning, Sam laughed.

‘Come and give your Mom a hug…Neva J…my how I have missed you,’ Grace said. ‘Jane, I swear you have grown a foot since we last visited, Janes’ Dad said. ‘How is it that each of you seems as alive as ever…and yet we never see you,’ Billy B. asked with astonishment. ‘We are all alive but have transitioned to another dimension…or as the Bible says…’ In my house are many mansions…,’ Grace answered. ‘Often we are right beside you…you have no doubt felt our presence…especially when you are missing us the most…or are in trouble or when you are sad,’ Janes’ Dad said with a kind smile. ‘Grace…do you mean that all humanity transitions…or is it just the good people,’ Darryl asked. ‘The Creator made us all…and he is very patient, ‘Grace replied.

‘Tomorrow…Halloween…we are coming to town…in human bodies…and we will embrace our families and we will as sit down at a large banquet table in the middle of Eldorado and tell tales and swap stories and reflect on our shared Secret…we have discovered the Secret…and now we will let you in on it,’ Grace clapped her hands with joy…

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