Old Men Reflect

The Railroad Man Statue was peering down on two old men commiserating about how it used to be. I was sitting for a bit before walking down to Electric Larrys Emporium when a gentleman called out to me and said, ‘That Old Guy is about your and my age!’ My new friend was speaking of the Railroad Man Statue. He then proceeded to roll up on his motorized cart and we…chewed the fat…as the old folks said when I was a child. He mentioned that he had spent $200 at the Farmers’ Market and had purchased 25 glass jars to can the items that he had bought…but that he still did not have enough jars. He then said that he had a slug in his spine and that is why he could not walk. When I asked him where he had been shot he said Afghanistan. My buddy then reached into his brown paper bag that was between his feet and pulled me out a Budweiser. He had already begun drinking his. He told me that he was 60 and I replied that next month I would be 65.

Laugh I do…when young people speak to me slowly and with some concern as to my cognitive abilities. I wonder if it is because of the grey hair and beard…or is it the clear glasses…that I love. I hope that it is not because of my speech betrayeth me…

Pastor Kerry spoke eloquently regarding the marginalization of the poor. Easy it is to travel by on the other side of the street when we see someone who is in need. Money and resources and comfort are deceiving.

I have been desperately poor during my early years. I know what it feels like to be food insecure. I remember what it was like for people to look the other way when they saw me…and to be thought of as lesser than…

‘My friend said that there was one thing that he knew…and that was God loves everyone… I replied that I believed it…He said, ‘I know it…’

Billie Holiday sang that chilling lyric that encapsulates what it feels like to be marginalized…’You can help yourself…but don’t take too much…’

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  1. Have you read any Paul Farmer? He wrote about accompaniment, or walking-with, which has been on my mind a lot lately. I feel that, with such love, in your words here.

    1. I will check Paul Farmer out. Thank you, my friend.

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