The Disappearing Tree

Billy B. had been working on his model of Frankenstein all morning. There were so many parts to glue together and then came the intricate work of painting the figure. Billy B. loved to go to Muckley’s Ben Franklin Dime Store in Eldorado and purchase a Monster Model…which was next to the models of cars. He had a; Dracula model and a Wolfman and a model of The Creature From The Black Lagoon. He was not interested in models of cars…but he did enjoy monster movies.

Orpheum Theatre was having a special showing of The Creature From The Black Lagoon. It was going to be on Saturday, October 1st. Billy B. and Chet had a plan to attend the movie. Billy B. with his cousin Genes’ Creature From the Black Lagoon Mask and hands. Chet would wear his Robot Costume that depicted the Robot from the popular television show Lost In Space. Jane was going as Lois Lane and Darryl as Superman. After the movie there was a promise of plastic pumpkin containers…the kind that was good for collecting Halloween Treats…and they were to be filled with Halloween Goodies…a month early. The October 1st special movie showing of the Creature Feature was in conjunction with a special weekend Fall Celebration that Eldorado was conducting for the good citizens of the City of Gold…

Neva J. had set up a little stand where she was selling her famous Coffee Cake…as well as Merlot by the glass. The stand was under Eldorados’ oldest tree and was said to be the tree where Ichabod B. had climbed to the top…to impress his girlfriend…and never came down… The Tree was considered haunted.

The Disappearing Tree had a lengthy legend that stretched back to the founding of the town by Judge Samuel Elder and Joseph Read and Eldorado was originally called Elder-Reado. Eldorado was incorporated in 1870. Several Eldoradoians had disappeared throughout the years at the Disappearing Tree. Ichabod B.s’ son Jedidiah B…who was Billy B.s’ great great great grandfather…had disappeared when he climbed the Disappearing Tree calling out his father’s name…and some say that late at night when the moon is full…you can still hear him calling.

‘How was the movie,’ Neva J. asked. ‘It was very nice and the auditorium was full,’ Chet answered. ‘Have you ever climbed the Disappearing Tree,’ Jane asked Neva J. ‘I climbed halfway up and fell asleep on a big branch…like I had been drugged…when I woke up it was dark and I shinned back down the Tree and ran all the way home,’ Neva J. answered.

‘Lets’ climb the Diseapearing Tree,’ Darryl announced. ‘I am ready as soon as I get out of my Lost In Space Robot Costume,’ Chet said. ‘Come on up…I am halfway to the top,’ called out Billy B. ‘Wait for me and Neva J.,’ Jane yelled as they left the Coffee Cake and Merlot Stand and began to climb.

‘Welcome to you all…we have been wondering if anyone would climb our Old Tree,’ Ichabod said to Billy B. and Chet and Darryl and Jane and Neva J. ‘How do you like Elder-Reado,’ Jedidiah asked the group. ‘You mean you have been in your own time and Eldorado when it began…while we are at the base of the tree and in the future,’ Chet asked with a wink and a smile. ‘Well…we have not thought of a better explanation for the anomaly than that, laughed Ichabod. ‘Once a month I climb down the Diseapearing Tree and see how Elder-Reado…or as you call it…Eldorado is progressing…and then I make my way back up The Great Tree to share what I have learned with our little towns’ inhabitants,’ Ichabod continued. ‘I often think of our Tree as a stairway to heaven…if you accept that heaven is set by what is important to the experience of it,’ Jedidiah added.

At the base of the Disappearing Tree it was quiet in Eldorado…a Bedroom Community…but at the top of the Tree there was building and commerce and horses and buggies…and nothing but a bright hope and vision for the future of the little village…

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