Maine Plans…Again

We just can not get enough of Maine. MJ is already looking at an Air B&B for next year in September. Maine scratches us where we itch. We have grown increasingly fond of the little town of Wiscasset. It merited a second trip last week for additional shopping and sightseeing.

My friend, Debbie, tells me that Red’s has the best Lobster Rolls…Ever…and I must return to try one. It was closed at the time of the photo…but it customarily has a long serpentine line around it and down the street. Next September…I will wait for my Lobster Roll!

Stepping into Wiscasset is like stepping into a town of yesteryear. The quaint beauty of the place is charming. It has an atmosphere of home and hearth. There is a sense of place that is comforting and consoling for the weary soul.

Often I do not realize how much I have enjoyed a Holiday Destination until I have returned home and reflected on the experience. Maine beckons to us and we must go. Next September Marcy and Brock will join us…and we will show them our second home…

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