Always Forward

I have been reflecting on the great good that I witness people do…and who are more often than not neither recognized nor hear the words thank you…but rather get a kick in the teeth for their Christian efforts. I have experienced this on more than one occasion and it left me confused and sad and wondering what I could have done differently. Yet these precious human beings keep trying to do good and help their fellow women and men. It is not difficult for me to understand the statement that no good deed goes unpunished. After all…Christ was crucified by the same people that he came to help and bless and feed and clothe. Servants/leaders are angels among us.

The first of my favorite months is almost over…before it started. With our magnificent trip to Maine coming in the heart of this month…it has left missing time. However, October brings my birthday…and I relish my birthday. Since I have become a senior citizen I am proud and humbled to attain another year on the calendar. I remember the happy Halloweens of my youth and the fact of they make for a good jumping-off point for many fictional stories.

Harmony and peace are a bit discounted in our frenetic society. When I am away from our peaceful home where I have a distinct sense of place…I miss it…I am glad to return to it and reflect on the Holiday that I have just enjoyed. I have heard people speak of endeavoring to be comfortable in their own skin. This is a blessing that I have enjoyed for the majority of my life. I do not look to others for approval of who I am…I do not seek to fit in where I do not fit.

Kind words as the Bible says are like, ‘Apples of gold in pictures of silver.’ Administrators and managers and supervisors would do well to learn this lesson. Most of us perform to the level that we feel appreciated.

Everything comes from within. Both bitter water and sweet. It is easy to have eyes full and to be never satisfied. When we look to another to do our thinking for us…or to ‘Ape’ their behavior…or when we fashion them our ‘Golden Calf’ to worship and adore and to provide for us our inner happiness…we are saddened when we sought after results that do not come to pass. Neither preachers, politicians, or potentates…will ever provide the compass for your life that you already have waiting within you and ready to be used…

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