God Is Love

What a lovely service at First Presbyterian Church @ Carbondale this morning. I attended by Zoom but the love and acceptance and unity came leaping at me through the computer screen! It was a special service for LGBTQIA+ – Affirming/World Communion Sunday worship service and coffee fellowship. Our church joined with Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship, the Church of the Good Shepherd, and the First Christian Church. Pastor Kerry spoke about how denominational churches are broken and many of us have been cut on the jagged edges. It seems to me that we have taken the words of the Bible and fashioned ourselves a ‘god’ of straw to appease our prejudices and biases and learned hatred for others who are not like we are. Or in fact, a straw god to take out our frustrations of seeing others live their life as God made them…and we realize our secret may be revealed…that they are like us…that they are us.

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Hollabaugh

I saw a cartoon by the Naked Pastor the other day where a sheep wearing rainbow colors was sitting by Jesus. The caption read that the sheep was thanking Christ for sitting with him…and Christ responded…’Thank you for sitting with me.’

So often we thrash about searching for the love of God to shine on us. Today the brilliance of God’s love is shown at First Presbyterian Church.

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