‘Charles Dickens describes Scrooge as a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner. BBC Bite Size

Christmas is coming…of that, we can be certain. But what about us…what about how we treat our fellow human beings throughout the year? We go about our daily routine with tunnel vision to guide us. We see the needs of ourselves…primarily…and then perhaps we peer through a glass darkly…at the needs and happiness of those immediately around us…and finally, those who are not in our direct line of sight…do not exist and are not on our radar.

Sing unto the Lord On Sunday…we do…and heartily…that Jesus Loves The Little Children…and then we promptly forget them on Monday. The feelings or happiness of those around us matters not at all to us…as we know we are right…we are secure in that rightness…and the plainness of our perfection should be a beacon to all those around us.

Compare we do…those who we interact with. The manner in which we have lived our life is the gold standard…and all those who do not fit in the form…are rejected.

Laugh we do and mock and make light of those whom we hurt by our common sense economies. If people were more like us…would not the world be a better place…

Groaning and crying and gnashing of teeth we hear as our earth suffers under the Three Horsemen of; War and Famine and Climate Change. You need to look to other countries to find food insecurity…it is in your town or village…perhaps just down your lane.

Hope we have that the stock market will soon rebound…while others hope…for a crust of bread…

‘You can help yourself…but don’t take too much…’

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