Clean-Up On Aisle Five

‘It is getting bad on Aisle 5… I.A.,’ Giddy said. ‘No matter how often I visit the rebels…they still want to fight rather than talk,’ Giddy continued. ‘Told them that you are very proud of them and that they are an integral part of Home Department Store & Supermarket…but there

seems to be less and less of them that want to listen to reason, Giddy concluded.

Well, it seems like yesterday that I gave all of them a raise in pay and they were relatively happy for a while,’ I.A. mused. ‘Then they wanted shorter working hours and more holidays and to be off work every Sunday in order to attend church…but I see them everywhere but a church,’ I.A. said with a sigh. ‘Finally, they wanted their own manager that would be dedicated just to Aisle 5…and I agreed to that…until they killed him…

‘Each section leader in Aisle 5 wants to be the boss of the other section leaders…and they want an Iron Throne installed…you know like the one on the HBO television show House of the Dragon…and they want to be referred to as The Chosen,’ Giddy said in barely a whisper.

‘What do you think that the solution is…Giddy…is there any more that I can do to convince Aisle 5 that I care about them and have their best interest at heart,’ I.A.asked.

‘Aisle 5ers are set on lying about their colleagues and hurting each other with backbiting and slander and soon the knives will come out,’ Giddy said sadly.

‘Call Clarence and tell him that he has a clean-up on Aisle 5…and get my drafting table out and my T-Square and pencils and rulers…it is going to be another long night…’

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