Frankenstein & Son

‘Tonight is going to be a great movie at the Orpheum Theatre…Son Of Frankenstein is screening,’ Chet said with a wink and a nod. ‘You know that I have a distinct weakness for Frankenstein,’ Billy B. proclaimed! ‘I did not think that the original Frankenstein was scary,’ Jane observed. ‘Yes…but we have not met the Son…yet,’ Neva J. bemused. ‘Mrs. Butler reminded me of The Bride Of Frankenstein, Darryl added. ‘She seemed a bit intense…and not easy to live with,’ Chet reflected.

October 14th was a big night in Eldorado as it was only two weeks to Halloween. The town was festooned with all manner of decorations. There were skeletons on the front porches and Jack O’ Lanterns abounded at every nook and cranny. Ms. Sybil was reading fortunes outside the Ben Franklin Dime Store and more than one Eldoradoian reported that they had seen her riding her broom through the night sky by the light of the full moon. School had let out early to give the kids a headstart on the Halloween Fall Jubilee…and spirits…of all manner…were high.

‘There is supposed to be a special surprise at the movie screening tonight,’ Neva J. said with a wicked smile. ‘What is it…will there be free popcorn,’ Jane giggled. ‘I heard that the mayor is going to dress up like Frankenstein and meander through the Theatre puffing a cigar and saying…’ Smoke Good,’ Chet laughed. ‘I bet it is John the Orpheum owner who will be the one in costume,’ Billy B. commented.

Sybil had moved down from the Dime Store and was now in front of the entrance to the Orpheum. ‘My goodness, you look nice Neva J. are you dressed as a witch…or do you always wear black and red,’ Sybil asked with a toothless smile and a haunting laugh. ‘I happen to like red and black…they are my favorite colors…but the pointed hat and broom are for special effects,’ Neva J. responded. ‘Be prepared for a Halloween surprise…something that you cannot imagine…something wicked and delightful and magical,’ Sybil said. ‘Well…the movie is already special by your presence,’ Darryl noted. ‘Yes…but I am only the Coming Attractions…the main show is inside,’ Sybil said and disappeared in a cloud that came down from the night sky.

‘Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls…I have a special treat for each of you tonight…Mr. Boris Karloff will introduce The Son Of Frankenstein and answer a few of our questions,’ John the Orpheum Owner said as Boris walked out onto the stage. ‘Good evening my friends…I am most pleased to be with you for the screening of this wonderful movie,’ Boris said. He was dressed in a suit and tie and carrying a cup of tea in his hand. John brought out a stool for Boris to sit on. ‘John and I have been friends for many years…we go back to Dulwich Surrey, England…where we both were born,’ Boris continued. ‘I am traveling the midwest and am especially pleased to tell you that The Son Of Frankenstein was my favorite flick…thus far…it has a magic to it…that I believe you will find amazing and intriguing and at the conclusion of the movie I will answer your questions,’ Boris continued.

The flick…flick…flick of the film as it moved through the movie projector’s teeth…began. At the conclusion of the movie the house lights went up and there was Boris dressed in full make-up and the costume from The Son Of Frankenstein…and everyone in the audience…looked identical…

‘My God…we are all the Son Of Frankenstein…

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