My Brother Is Tarzan

Brock is Tarzan. He sent me a photo the other day where he was dangling from a high cable. He works across several states for a company that installs and oversees Zip Lines and other high wire fun.

Brock was born with adventure genes in our family. He is the youngest and I am the oldest of our paternal lineage. Brock is one talented fellow. He is impossible to beat at the game Cards Against Humanity…

We are planning on going to Maine next year and we already have the Air B & B. secured for next September. It will be great fun…and I hope that there is something to climb…

Each time we get together…a party ensues. The happiness of enjoying each other’s company is extraordinary. The famous philosopher Forest Gump’s mother said that ‘Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get.’ ‘Life’ connected us with the best when we found Brock and Marcy and Jaime and Morgan and Jeb.

3 responses

  1. Amazing! I am too frightened and with my screwed up spine, there is no way I can ever do that even if I could.

    1. I am a bit afraid of heights. 😱

      1. Aah yes, me too haha! Let’s stay with our feet planted on the ground!

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