What Is Man…That Thou Art Mindful Of Him

I was watching a documentary regarding a megachurch and its obsession with money and power and acquiring inroads with the elite and rich and powerful of the planet. Also, this church, and many others, seemed to not be concerned with members of their flock when they had been abused by clergy…including sexual abuse…but rather sought to cover up the wrong. Now please do not think that you know of whom I am speaking…as this sad indictment applies to many churches. There often is a love bombing and a feeling of family…until you cross the line and begin to question how the ‘Family’ does business…and who is left by the side of the road and marginalized and if they choose to leave the fellowship…forgotten…

The question is church a social club or a Power of Positive Thinking organization that can teach its members how to become rich…as long as they give of their labor…for free and…who will give of their money to facilitate a magnificent church building and a pastor who lives like a king or queen…until they do not have enough to live on themselves…or a class system for the elite and then the other folks who are the salt of the earth and good for menial work and servitude…

Church leaders who are accountable to God and no one else…are dangerous.
When the sparkle of gold is the goal and not the old rugged cross…we have a prescription for disaster. How is it that the Creator who fashioned our universe and all other universes…would be captivated and enamored with a mineral we call gold that we dig from the earth that he made?

Christian scripture assures us that the love of Christ passes all man’s understanding. ‘The Son of Man came eating and drinking (with others), and they say, ‘Look! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners (including non-observant Jews)!’ Yet wisdom is justified and vindicated by her deeds (in the lives of those who respond to Me).’ Amplified Bible

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  1. It is always worrying when a church becomes a mega church and that is when things all start to go wrong. We had a case here with City Harvest and Pastor Kong Hee and his wife did not do things right. I guess people can get blinded by more and more wealth, regardless of religion as it is just human nature and temptations get the better of them I guess.

    1. Many honest hearted people are hurt by wolves 🐺 in sheep 🐑 clothing.

      1. Agree and I guess all of us have to be aware and have a mind over the heart, which is restrictive but when the tell tale signs are there in terms of their extravagant life styles, then we must be extra careful as such people of the “cloth” do ply on emotions of people and it is no different than a con artist job!

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