My friend in England reminded me of how precious memories are. Over the past 12 years, I have had the lovely opportunity of reflecting on many rich memories. Memories are a bit of a magic carpet too so many events in your life that when you were experiencing them…you may not have realized their profound significance in your life. Holidays are that way for me. After I return from a vacation I realize how wonderful it was. Indeed I enjoy the Holiday while I am experiencing it but I must confess that a third of the enjoyment is the anticipation of the event and a third of the event…and at least the final third are the memories.

Snapshots are the fabric of our lives. I can vividly recall Christmas in Chicago with my dad and mom. The Christmas Tree seemed to be ten feet tall. Bing Crosby sang White Christmas on the radio and Christmas Carolers came to our door to serenade us. Christmas has magic all of its own…as it changes people…for a season.

Birthdays are always special to me. I believe that I may attain 65…as it is Monday. Two of my best friends through the years shared the same month and day with me for our birthdays. I always look back…memories…and look ahead for what is coming down the road.

Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale began for me when I was 20 years old…but 2 weeks later I became 21. Married in 1978 and hired in the same year…it dawned on me that I was on the road to success… MJ’s birthday is on the 24th as is mine and we were married on the 24th. I enjoyed the television show ’24.’

When I look at MJ I see the blushing bride of my youth. Aaron’s first words were ‘Di Da’…and I still hear them. Jonathon learned at a remarkably early age to climb to the top of his crib and jump out onto the floor with a thud and a lusty giggle…he does not jump out of bed any longer…but he still has the giggle…

Christianity has been a constant throughout my life. When I became a Christian in 1969…I immediately gained 100 friends. Church life was a perfect fit for me. I loved to read the Bible…often by the little wood/coal stove that was just off our kitchen. It got so hot in the kitchen that the pages curled up. I wanted to be a minister…the words they said to hurt people made them feel better. I still want to help people.

My grasp of the scope of God’s love expanded when I began working at the University. I met and became friends with people from many nations. I learned that different is not bad…it is intriguing and interesting and stirred my mind and soul as to the awesomeness of my human family.

As with most of us, I have had friends and family pass away. What was shocking to me is how easily they are forgotten… except by their loved ones. Truly the journey is the reward. All that comes from the earth…goes back to its home. Memories live on…

“Hit the deck…you rubberneck…I hear mom calling to me…

7 responses

  1. What a wonderful post. One day I will tell you how I became a Christian but it is part of my book. I have integrated it into my life story. I would love to speak about it on my blog, because it is all about love but so far I have not really told the story. I was 13 however, and found love for the 1st time.

    1. Thank you, my friend. I look forward too reading it!

  2. Wonderful words! Happy birthday eve!

    1. Thank you, kind sir! 🎈

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. And I love the outlook: anticipation, the event, the memories. Love it!

    1. I am so glad to hear it! πŸ˜ƒ

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