Warm Heart

MJ and Aaron returned from an overnight stay with our lovely family; Tara and Mike and Paige and Tyler. MJ told me how much fun they had and how sweet and kind everyone was to her and Aaron. Paige sent me a photo Friday night and told me FOMO… and being the old man I am…I had to request a definition of the acronym. FOMO means, ‘Feeling Of Missing Out’…and she was more than correct. I have known my niece Tara since she was a toddler and I continue to be impressed with her skills and love for her family and those in need.

Brock and Marcy and Jaime and Morgan and Jeb sent me the most wonderful Birthday Card for my Big 65…it made my day! They are such wonderful people. Knowing them has brightened my life.

Jonathon and I went to Eldorado yesterday…searching for Gary South…but we did not find him. We visited both Karel Park and the Eldorado History Museum. A lovely lady showed us all around and even made us coffee. It was a great trip in time… to my halcyon days in Eldorado. I told the ladies that I was five years late for their welcome of the Class of 1970 sign that was outside of the Museum… as I was of the Class of 1975. I was very pleased to see Marlene and Brenda…Dale’s sisters. I told Marlene how I appreciated her kindness and how she made me feel welcome in my first High School Speech Class. I was a freshman in a class of mostly seniors. She was very gracious and I wondered if she was thinking…who is this…

Jonathon bought my dinner at St. Nicholas Brewery yesterday. It was delicious!

Tara and her lovely family have been an uplift to me and to my spirits. When I witnessed the joy that MJ had when she returned from visiting with them…I felt reset and ready to travel on…

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  1. Your words and photos make me feel like I’m right there with you. Love the family photo with Clark & Ellen.

    1. Thank you so much! 😊

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