Halloween Recess

‘You know school is not so bad when you consider that we get three and sometimes four recesses a day,’ Chet commented. ‘I love the chocolate milk in the morning,’ Jane said with a gleam in her eyes. ‘Well, I am excited about Halloween,’ Billy B attested. ‘Do you have your Frankenstein costume yet,’ Darryl asked. ‘We went to Sears in Carbondale and purchased it Saturday…and I have a Frankenstein Head from Universal Studio…courtesy of cousin Gene’s collection, Billy B. responded. ‘The Frankenstein Head looks so real that I screamed in fright the other night when Billy B. first tried it on,’ Neva J. laughed. ‘We have Play Practice every night this week at 6:00 P:M:,’ Billy B. noted. ‘We must be fully prepared for our Halloween Performance Sunday night in the Town Circle,’ Neva J. added.

Now Eldorado was a town full of churches and most of them looked on Halloween as a harmless holiday for kids and candy…however not everyone felt that way. Some folks believed that Halloween was the Devil’s Holiday and that it was to be eschewed. There had been some minor protests in the Eldorado Daily Journal regarding having a Halloween Play on Sunday…or what many called ‘The Lord’s Day.’ On October 30, 1963, virtually everyone had their name on a Church Roll Of Membership. It was not unusual for a person seeking employment to add their church membership to their job application. The highest form of civic duty began with church membership.

Orpheum Theatre was having a special screening of the original Frankenstein on Sunday night. This would occur right after the Halloween Play that Billy B. and all were practicing for. In recognition of Eldoradoraidan’s love for President Kennedy…as he had visited Eldorado during his 1960 campaign…the Play was entitled President Kennedy Captures Frankenstein. It was not unusual to find a photo of President Kennedy…and often of both he and his lovely wife Jackie on the living room walls of homes in Eldorado.

The Play was in fine fettle. Billy B. lumbered on stage as Frankenstein…for the last scene where President Kennedy captures him. Darryl called out from the floor floodlights to Billy B. and said, ‘ I can not find my Kennedy Costume…what should I do…when suddenly President Kennedy strode out onto the stage and grabbed Frankenstein…which was not difficult to do in view of the fact that the President was a fully grown man and Billy B. was a little kid…Frankenstein… ‘I so enjoyed my visit to your lovely town that I thought I would stop by for the Halloween Play,’ said President Kennedy. ‘Jackie sends her warmest regards and invites all of you to the White House…in the New Year…

Walking on from stage left…was someone dressed as an angel. The angel whispered something into JFK’s ear and walked off stage. ‘She told me not to go to Dallas next month,’ JFK said…

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