Happy Times

Another day in the Autumn Woods. I believe that I am addicted to Fall. I woke up this morning and the first thought that I had was…I am going to the woods. It was 49 degrees when I left for Giant City; it is only 61 now. My kind of climate! Sixty-five feels alright so far…

MJ and I watched the Watcher over my Birthday on Monday and finished it last night. It came highly recommended by Aaron…and he was right. Just let me say that the series on Netflix will keep you enthralled until the last scene of the last episode. I love a mystery…don’t you? I think that captivates my attention about life…it is a profound mystery. My English friend wrote the other day about the vagaries of faith…and it was a practical application of the tussle between our physical and spiritual selves. Our spiritual self is contained in an earthen vessel. We want to sore with the eagles but our feet are made of clay. We are keenly aware that there is something that is just beyond our sight and our hearing and our awareness…but we look through a glass darkly…

The majesty of nature point to the reality that there is so much more that is unseen than what is seen. I spoke with my brother Brock today which lifted my spirits even more than they already were. He is such an upbeat and positive fellow! When I mentioned to him that I was trying 65 on for size…I told him that age is all perspective. When I retired at 53 I wondered if I would live to attain the ripe old age of 65…it seemed so far off.

Look behind yourself…suddenly…you may catch a glimpse of your Guardian Angel…

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