The Mystery Of The Woods

The mystery is the order of our days…rather we realize it or not. It is a two Blog day and both begin with a reflection on The Woods. For the past month and more I have been journeying to Giant City State Park for exercise and reflection and photos. The Woods are eternally mysterious. Woods offer a changing palette to paint upon each day. Spiritual questions and answers for knotty dilemmas…are contained in The Woods. Stripped away are the artificial creations of the human family and all that is before the explorer is God’s Creation.

We worry as to rather we should buy or sell…or how large and well apportioned our home or homes are…and we lay up riches in solid cellars where no one can break in and steal.

Wonder we do as to which man or woman will lead our government and who will best fulfill our personal ideology and wants…not needs.

Glimmering we are in all of our lovely spun cloth. We see the poor soul who has dirty raiment and no shelter and we are offended at their penury. How did they not have enough ambition to better themselves?

From an early age, we are placed on the Success Track and told to follow it for a good life. Being rich does not in itself make a good life. When I was in high school it was understood by educators that University was not for everyone… now we assure all young people that they must have a College education.

Arrogant we are in our higher education and its path to elitism. We know that we have the inside track to knowledge…while those who do not have our education…do not. We seek to explain logically to the great unwashed that they are wrong and that we are right…and they must only trust us.

Mimic we do…those who we admire. Ape…we do those with whom we want to ingratiate ourselves. A class system is what we are comfortable with. For heaven’s sake, we worked hard to be in the upper class.

Proclaim we must our success and our possessions and our wealth…as an impetus for others to seek to be like us.

The Woods remains untouched by human avarice or greed or lust or envy or pride… It says softly…come and sit awhile and rest…and I will sit with you…

5 responses

  1. A great, thoughtful post and some wonderful images!

    1. Thank you, my friend.

      1. You are most welcome! 🙂

  2. Lovely words and images.

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