Vinyl Recording

It is a blustery day once again in my neck of the woods. One day hot and the next day cold. My sojourns to Giant City State Park have been numerous. I am becoming familiar with all of the nooks and crannies of the Woods. I have been there for the changing leaves and then for their fall. Bare limbs have their own unique beauty.

Photo by Andrea Turner on

‘Be sure to wear your Autumn Jackets…it is chilly and the wind is blowing,’ Neva J. admonished. ‘I live to hike,’ Chet said. ‘There is nothing nicer than a November Hike and the thoughts of Thanksgiving and Christmas swirling in your head,’ Jane said with a laugh. ‘I think that I will wear the new woolen socks that I bought at the L.L. Bean store in Freeport, Maine when we were on holiday in September,’ Billy B. said. ‘The temperature in Boothbay Harbor today is 40 degrees. ‘I will be thinking of Maine when we are hiking at Giant City…it is never far from my thoughts…it is my happy place,’ Neva J. said with a smile.

‘I like the Pin Oak Trail…it is all smooth poured concrete,’ Chet winked. ‘I will say that it is the most user-friendly hiking trail that I have ever taken,’ Neva J. added. ‘I like the benches that are strategically placed along the trail for the purpose of resting a bit,’ Billy B. advised.

Wasn’t it strange when we found that black bassinet next to the stone house when we camped Halloween night,’ Jane asked? ‘Yes…Giant City is noted for strange occurrences…unexplainable and weird,’ Chet said with a learned look.

‘Come over here and look off of the bluff…it looks just like Acadia Park in Maine,’ Darryl said with some bewilderment. ‘I see a lighthouse…and the rocky shore of Maine,’ said The Wiz as he adjusted his binoculars.

‘Man O Man did we ever take a wrong turn somewhere,’ Billy B. called out! ‘Giant City has a bit of a mystical mystery about it…people have entered its gates…and never been seen again,’ said The Wiz. ‘Perhaps we entered a Black Hole,’ noted Chet. ‘Well if we entered a Black Hole…where is the exit,’ Neva J. asked. ‘Let us retrace our steps…if there is an invisible door…we should walk through it,’ Darryl advised.

‘Oh my goodness…we are back at the Stone House and it is Halloween again…’ said Jane. ‘There is a theory in Quantum Physics that when we die we simply return to live our lives over again…and again…and again…somewhat like a flat vinyl phonograph record as our needle follows its designated track…’ The Wiz mused…

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