Happy Christmas!

‘It is just a little over two weeks until Christmas…and we are woefully behind the production,’ Herman the Head Elf over Toy Production said. ‘The staff tells me that we needed more mallets and the trucks are delayed from our satellite facility in England,’ Margie said. ‘What is causing the delay,’ asked Santa? ‘The Elves who produce the toys want additional sick days…they say that with Covid that three days a year are not adequate, Margie answered. ‘I thought that we had provided unlimited paid sick days for Covid and health insurance to cover all of their medical needs,’ Santa asked with a concerned look. ‘Well you did…but your lieutenant Hortence stopped the order and changed it to three days sick leave and a two thousand dollar deductible…with no additional consideration for Covid, Margie bemoaned. ‘I saw Reuben this morning and he was coughing his head off…I gave him some Mucinex and told him to go home and get in his bed and to turn on his vaporizer,’ Santa said. ‘Hortense told me that the stockholders will not tolerate a drop in their stocks and thus she reduced your benefits package to fit their wishes,’ Margie said with a tear in her eye. ‘If my Elves are not happy…I am not happy…call a meeting,’ Santa roared with an angry glare!

Beauford spoke first at the Elves and Santa labor meeting. ‘Santa we love you and Mrs. Claus…you are like our mom and dad…and we love the children around the world…but we are hobbled by the Pandemic…and we are Elfian and we have feelings, Beauford said. ‘I have been riding my bicycle to work through the snow…and you know how much snow there is at the North Pole… the corduroy coat that you gave me twelve Christmases ago is threadbare…and I am cold all of the time,’ said Beuford.

Backster added, ‘Santa…do you how frigid it is when I am checking the Zip Lines for the gifts for the Kids… ‘I travel all over the midwest and south working with love in my heart for you and my colleague…and most of all for the children…but I became ill with Covid and now I am paying my medical bills on the installment plan…and you did not come to see me when I was in the hospital. ‘I keep telling the others that you must not realize the shape we are in…and you have often told us that we are essential employees…and you must not realize that we are treated like interlopers and visitors in our own Toy Factory,’ Backster added.

‘I speak with weeping mothers and sad children each day who do not believe in you any longer due to having received nothing for Christmas…and I tell them that you love them and that you see them and know of their requests…but I doubt the words that I am saying in my heart,’ Helena the Elf in charge of North Pole Public Relations said. ‘I have assured the sad parents and the lonely children that you will make a special visit to each of their homes this year…we Elves need your consideration and you and Mrs. Claus love to fulfill the awesome task…we have all worked silently…waiting for you to see us and hear us and know how much we love your mission and Christmas,’ Helena said in a whisper.

‘First I want all of the families that I have missed to be brought to the North Pole for a special Christmas Eve with Mrs. Claus and me…immediately there will be a pay raise of 50% for each of you and sick days will be taken from 3 to 30. with unlimited sick days for Covid or any serious disease…each of you shall join Me and Mrs. Claus in Florida in January…all expenses paid…and Hortence you are being reassigned to the factory floor and Reuben shall be the Head Elf over Finance.

There was joy at the North Pole at the changes that Santa had made. Untold numbers of families laughed and sang and had their hopes renewed when their own personal Elf sleigh driver came to their homes and chauffeured them to the North Pole to meet and enjoy Christmas Eve dinner with Santa and Mrs. Claus. They could not believe their good fortune when toys and great baskets of food and even money for medicine and heat…especially the families of the United Kingdom…and the Christmas Promise of more to come as they required additional funds to see them through the difficult winter.

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  1. The magic of Christmas warms the heart like no other. 🥰

  2. All the best to you this Christmas and always

    1. Happy Christmas, my friend! 🎄

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