The Dinner

It is a balmy 60 degrees in Little Egypt today…but it will not last. Indeed the pleasant temperature reminds me of the admonition that one movie character gave another last evening as I watched Amsterdam on HBO Max…’ Enjoy today because we are experiencing the good part…and the bad part will come again.’ I considered what a nice nugget of wisdom in a comedy.

We are social animals. We love to visit and exchange notes on what each other is going through and to hear both the troubles and trials as well as the victories and mountaintop experiences that our friends and family enjoy. We old folks like to speak to other old folks. When we hear about their maladies and challenges, we realize we are not alone.

‘Indeed it is a perfect day for Christmas Dinner,’ Chet announced. ‘I have to still heat the mashed potatoes…and the broccoli casserole,’ Jane said. ‘I am going to pick up Dee Dee and she is bringing her homemade dumplings,’ Jonathon mentioned. ‘I have all the Tequilla and Tequila mix that we will need,’ Paige advised. ‘Don’t forget the Jack and Coke,’ Tyler extolled. ‘Do you guys still like Rye Bread and Dill Dip,’ Tara asked? ‘Is the turkey smoking…and what type of cigars does Tom Turkey enjoy,’ Billy B. asked Mike? ‘I have the new coasters of Old Eldorado for our drinks,’ Neva J. said with a lilting laugh.

‘MJ and Billy B. remembered when they were the young people around the Christmas Table Feast. They were trees that were full of sap! Everything seemed possible and there simply were no limits… Now they sat at the senior citizens’ table…and were glad to be there. Life was good when they were young…but the golden years bring a special joy. They realized what a magnificent rollercoaster ride that they were on…and how the puzzle pieces of life fit together.

Aaron was handing out vintage lighters and Onyx bracelets to everyone in the house. He was proudly wearing one of the rings that Billy B. had given him for Christmas. Jonathon had on his new cap and was styling and profiling… Chet had on his Vintage Lost In Space Robot Costume.

Suddenly Santa Claus came through the front door…and it was Uncle Ron dressed up like the Jolly Old Elf… Santa had a share of Tesla Stock for each person around the Christmas Table…and Deer Sausage for all!

Ira Kaye cut the Key Lime Pie and all admired her wonderful Nativity Scene. There was Baileys Irish Cream for the coffee and Jack for the Coke and Kettle One for the Orange Juice… The pressing problem of life seemed far removed for a season…Christ is born…he gives us hope…

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  1. Good company, good food and loaded with blessings too!

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