Christmas In The Woods

I love the woods. I have been at Giant City State Park daily throughout the fall. The changing leaves were incredible and the bare trees with their branches outstretched to the sky…are compelling.

‘I am very honored to have been asked to your Christmas Feast…I am so sorry that I was a bit late as I had some difficulty locating my spectacles,’ Mole said with a squint and a smile. ‘Mole it would not be Christmas without your…candied sweet potatoes and your pumpkin pie is to die for,’ Badger proclaimed. Suddenly up drove Frog in his motor car…it was careening about from side to side of the path and then he hit a tree. ‘Frog are you quite alright…there is steam escaping from your automobile’s radiator,’ Ratty noted. ‘Yes…yes I am well and happy that I am on time for the celebration,’ Frog said as he held his head with one hand. ‘Come now and let us enjoy the day of days and welcome our dear friends. ‘Hello, all…I am grateful that you invited me to your wonderful repast,’ said Sally Skunk. ‘Indeed it is a Horn Of Plenty…and I am ravenous,’ Peppa Pig said. ‘I would have been here sooner if I had not stopped off for some Christmas Cider for us all,’ Frank Fox noted. ‘Mama told me to wait for her…but I was so excited that I had to be here to participate in the joy of Christmas, Darlene Deer said with a demure smile. ‘Seeing in the daylight slows me down a bit…as I am nocturnal…but I wore my sunglasses,’ Perry Possum laughed.

‘Today was born in the City of David a Saviour…Christ The King,’ Badger proclaimed…and all of the trees bowed their great heads…and they clasped branches across the quiet peaceable woods…

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