A Winter Breeze

There is a winter chill in the air today. I mentioned to MJ that next week is Christmas Week…at least in my mind since the Saturday of next week is Christmas Eve. Indeed the years seem like months…and the months as days…and the days…well you get the picture. I saw my good friend Al on the walk around Campus Lake and he complimented me on the photos that I post on Facebook. I told him how honored I was as he is an expert photographer. We reflected on the long flight both going and of course, returning from Hawaii.

Slow movies and television shows as well as long conversations that seem full of filler make me antsy… as I have gotten older. A movie that is two hours in length…that is in the theatre…I now find it tedious if it is not engaging. Time is precious when it runs from you like a scared deer. However…I never tire or become impatient with Christmas. I was made for Christmas. The peace of the holiday and the joy that it brings is just my cup of tea. In fact, I have a bit of withdrawal when Christmas is over…until January 1…when the anticipation begins anew!

The mystery is compelling. Christmas is a mystery. The shepherds and the Wisemen and the animals in the stable when Christ was born…were all intrigued by the mystery of how God could become one of us and dwell among us. The Story of The Ages has not yet been told…and we are key players in its panorama.

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