The First Day Of Winter

Winter’s First Day in my neck of the woods is mild…but it is the calm before the storm. Rain will rapidly change to snow on Thursday with temperatures dropping 25 to 30 degrees within an hour. This will cause what is called a flash freeze. Wind chills will range from 10 degrees to 30 degrees below 0. Holiday travel across the United States will be negatively affected by this unusual weather event that is called a Bomb.

So…four more days until Christmas. The lights of our Christmas Trees aid us in holding back the darkness of winter. At this time of year, we reflect on life and its meaning. The cold and the dark tend to compel us to pause and consider what has happened and what is to come. We would like to believe that our Pandemic is in our rearview mirror…but is it really… We hope for good health, peace on earth, and food for all hungry. The flickering light of our Christmas Candles shines bright in our eyes and warms our hearts. Remembering the joys of Christmas past and our loved ones who are with us…and those who have traveled across the river to learn the Secret that each of us wants to understand. Some of our support systems are strong…while others of us have seemingly no one to lend us aid and help us when we fall.

Home can be found in many places. When we are accepted and loved and our opinion valued…we are home. Home is the place where we are valued for our authentic selves. The place where no explanation is needed…Love covers us like a warm blanket. We will be traveling across the world over the next few days. We hope for appreciation and love and admiration of the unique human being that we are…not their cardboard cutouts of who our family and friends have in their minds regarding us.

Seeing each other takes focus…and time…and immersion in the project. It requires removing all of the colored glasses that we wear when we are with others. Understanding another person takes time and listening with love and no preconceived ideas.

Christmas allows us to begin again…

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