Winter With a Bite

Right now it is zero degrees Fahrenheit and it feels like 21 degrees below zero. Overnight the temperature fell to five degrees below zero and chill factors were around thirty below. This winter in its early days reminds me of my youth. We had very cold weather and quite a lot of snow and ice when I was a youngster in Eldorado.

‘Do you think we will be able to drive to Grandma Askew’s house for Christmas Dinner,’ asked Billy B.? ‘We will have to put the chains on the tires of the 57′ Chevy…that will give us traction on the ice and snow,’ said Chet. ‘Did it really snow fifteen inches,’ Jane asked? ‘Yes and the drifts are three feet high in places,’ Neva J. noted with wide-eyed wonder. ‘We still must get to Muckley Ben Franklin Dime Store to purchase a present for your Grandma,’ Daryl added.

Billy B. and Jane and Chet and Daryl put on their snow boots and their winter coats and their woolen hats. Each wore mittens that Neva J. had purchased for them for Christmas…but gave them to each due to the inclement weather. Mister Rogers had shoveled the sidewalk in front of their house on Illinois Avenue. He had a new-fangled snow remover that ran on a gasoline engine and could shovel the snow of ten men and one little boy. The walls of snow on each side of the sidewalk were taller than our intrepid travelers.

‘Look…there is the Dime Store ahead,’ exclaimed Jane! ‘That is a store…but it does not look like the dime store…we have not walked far enough to have reached Ben Franklin…yet,’ explained Chet. ‘There is a little old woman looking out the window and she is dressed as Mrs. Claus,’ Daryl said.

‘Come in children and get out of the cold..would you like some hot chocolate,’ asked the kind lady dressed in red and green. ‘Where are we…did we take a wrong turn,’ Billy B. asked? ‘The snow is so deep that we could not see anything but what was in front of our eyes,’ Jane remarked. ‘You are just where Santa wants you to be…he is out helping the elves load the sleigh for tomorrow night and asked me to help you pick out a gift for your Grandmas Askew,’ Mrs. Claus said. ‘Grandma loves to read and study the Bible,’ Billy B. noted. ‘What about a Scofield Study Bible…there are loads of notes included in the Bible that assist the reader in learning about the time of the book and the geography of the Holy Land,’ asked Mrs. Claus? ‘Your Grandmas would love that Bible,’ said Jane with Christmas joy written on her face!

‘Let us finish our hot chocolate as we must go and see Chet who is unable to shovel his sidewalk…and we will take him a Scofield Study Bible…you know what a Bible Scholar he has been for the past over 50 years,’ Jane extolled. ‘The cold makes me think of the time we walked through the snow that was over our heads to the Dime Store to buy Granma Askew a Christmas gift,’ Billy B. said with a wide grin. ‘Was it just a dream…or did we meet Mrs. Claus…

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  1. Stay safe and warm. Merry Christmas! πŸ””πŸŽ‰πŸŽ…πŸŽπŸŽ„

    1. Happy Christmas, my friend! πŸŽ…πŸ»β›„οΈβ„οΈ

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