I Still Believe In Magic

Sixty-seven degrees on January 3rd. Incredible! 2023 is off to a good start! Giant City State Park was a special enjoyment this morning as it rained so much that the water streams were flowing heartily over the rocks. When I am in the woods I am surrounded by the miracle of life. It is easy to fall into the deep ditch of doubt in the magic of our most wonderful gift…life.

I remember my youth in Eldorado. There were so many possibilities that I did not know which envelope to open first. Hours spent in the Orpheum Theatre caused me to see worlds that I was not a part of and adventures that would take me several lifetimes to pursue. The little former coal mining town was peaceful and yet exciting. Some of my teachers took an interest in me and I rallied to fulfill their confidence. Mrs. Barton and Mr. Feazel advised me that I had a talent for writing and I never forgot their words. Mrs. Bramlet loved my speeches in her speech class. While those who might have encouraged me had better things to occupy their time…others stepped up and caused me to seek an exciting and fulfilling life.

When MJ put her little hand in my big mitt…I could not believe my good fortune. As the song says, I was just a poor boy from a poor family…’ The births of Aaron and Jonathon continue to be the preeminent miracles in my life!

I sat in the back pew of our church on Christmas Eve and reflected on the wonderful people that I have witnessed sitting in the same pew over the past 25 years. People who I looked up to and admired and who built our little church through much toil and faith in the future. I reflected on the miracle of being a part of such a lovely group and heard the voices of those who have gone on to discover the Secret…’Do not let our church die for lack of attention.’

Neva June believed in people who many did not believe in. If you were hungry she fed you. If you had no clothes she bought you some. If you had difficulty paying your heating bill…she gave you money for it. She was a walking miracle among many who were unseen and unheard and unwanted.

From my first day as a member of the Southern Illinois University Community I received encouragement and mentoring. I soon believed that I could become a success.

Kindness is a miracle. When a fellow traveller on this bumpy road of life extends a word of greeting and fellowship and love…you are experiencing something that is more valuable than the ‘Gold of Ophir’ that the Bible speaks of. When you are lonely or depressed or feel that no one cares…the person that listens to you and sits just hearing and not offering easy answers but instead offers their time and care…is a miracle.

I watched the most interesting movie about time travel last night. It was one of the best that I have seen on the mind bending subject. It was Predestination with Ethan Hawke. It offered food for thought as to how we got here…and who we are.

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