Golden Eldorado

I took a journey to Eldorado Wednesday. I do not think that I have ever enjoyed a visit more. The Christmas decorations were still up and I was inspired. My friend Marlene had offered an idea to take photos of various spots in Eldorado and ask where the picture was in town. As I walked the streets of my childhood I reflected on how old I was and how many years ago I lived in Eldorado. Soon to be 50 years!

Cynthia of the Eldorado Museum has graciously posted several of my photos of our town on the Museum’s Website and I am more than honored. I vividly remember the Eldorado of the 60s’. I recall with great affection going to the Orpheum Theatre almost every weekend and often on Friday night as well. As my friend Debbie reminded me yesterday we called going to the Orpheum as…’Going to the show.’

I have excitedly observed the great efforts of many Eldoradians to restore our proud community. Eldorado was a town of note in Little Egypt when I was a lad in the 60s’…and it can be one again! I enjoyed some of the finest teachers during my grade school and high school years. I have carried their lessons with me to this day…and I am 65.

Good things come in small packages. This is true of Eldorado!

The Brick Streets of Eldorado inspire me! The Christmas Decorations that I saw and photographed took me back in time to when my young eyes marveled at the magic of Christmas…and of living in Eldorado…

5 responses

  1. Wonderful words and photos! I greatly enjoyed this blog!

  2. So ride, boldly ride, to the end of the rainbow.
    Ride, boldly ride, till you find El Dorado.

    I always enjoy reading your memories of Eldorado.

    1. Well said my friend! Thank you!

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