Prayer Meeting

Billy B. loved the Bible. He first became acquainted with it at Dr. Ferrell’s office in Eldorado where Billy B. would read and look at the marvelous drawings in the Bible Story Books that he had in his waiting room. Billy B. later purchased the entire set of Bible Story Books and has them to this day. Billy’s aunt Wanda spoke of Brother Jack and Sister Mickey and how they had a little church in Elkville near DuQuoin, Illinois. Neva J. and his aunt Wanda and aunt Vema had lived in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and attended church with Jack and Mickey. Aunt Wanda said that Bro. Jack was going to travel to Eldorado on Wednesday nights and conduct a Prayer Meeting at the home of Marion Brown and his wife and daughter and his grandson Kevin. Billy B. thought the idea was intriguing and wondered what it would entail…a Prayer Meeting…he prayed a little…; but not much…and then the only prayer that he knew…’Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep…if I should die before I wake…I pray the Lord my soul to take.’

‘Chet you must go with us to the Prayer Meeting and you as well Jane,’ Billy B. exclaimed! ‘We pray every Sunday at the Social Brethren Chruch in Parrish Addition,’ Chet said wryly. ‘Will there be refreshments,’ Jane asked with a big smile? ‘Yes, I am bringing my famous coffee cake and ham and cheese sandwiches,’ Neva J. answered. ‘We won’t have to pray out loud will we,’ Billy B. beseeched.

Marion Brown was confined to his big easy chair and could not walk. He had the face of an angel. He welcomed each of the Prayer Meeting attendees with a hug and tears in his eyes. Billy B. listened as Brother Jack read a few scriptures and talked about the love of Jesus. If faith can be felt…it felt like you could cut it with a knife it was so thick. There was hope in the words of scripture…there was love that Billy B. had not felt in his young life. ‘He is here,’ said Chet. ‘Who is here,’ asked Jane? ‘God,’ Chet answered.

The focus was on the mystery of faith and how it could affect the lives of those who sought out its magic. Billy B. pondered the story of Naaman who had leprosy and was a bit offended when the prophet Elisha told him to wash in the Jordan River and his leprosy would be cleansed. Naaman was a great man and had many who followed his every order…and he liked his own pools much better than Elisha’s suggestion of the Muddy Jordan. Yet Naaman did what the message of God was and was healed.

Often God is not in the fire or flood or big commotion…but rather a still small voice…

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