Star Trek @ Eldorado

‘Did you see Mr. Spock cause that Klingon to faint just by putting his hand on his shoulder,’ Chet asked Billy B.? ‘I think that ability to incapacitate an enemy is fascinating and logical,’ Billy B. answered in his best Mr. Spock imitation. ‘Star Trek is my favorite show and I especially like Lieutenant Uhura,’ Jane said. ‘Mr. Spock is my favorite character and I want to emulate him…he always seeks the logical and that is what I think we humans should do rather than be controlled by our emotions,’ Billy B. postulated with a Spockian Wise Gaze. ‘It seems to me that Star Trek is a prophetic look into the future…we have already sent men to the moon…space exploration is next,’ Neva J. laughed as she sipped her Merlot. ‘Edgar Cayce…The Sleeping Prophet foretold many of the mysteries of space,’ Neva J. continued. ‘Why don’t we see if my magic mirror still works and ascertain if we can enjoy a little space travel,’ Neva J. asked with a wine giggle? ‘Look there is the Milky Way and the universe beyond it,’ Chet said. ‘Edgar says for us to walk through the mirror if we want to explore space,’ Jane noted.

‘It is interesting to find you Eldoradoians here on Vulcan,’ said Mr. Spock. ‘Did you come through Edgar Cayces’ mirror portal,’ he continued? ‘We not only came through Neva J.s’ magic mirror but you were our inspiration to do so…Mr. Spock,’ Chet replied. ‘Well first we must indulge in the Vulcan Mind Meld for me to discover what are your motives for appearing on Vulcan…we have been at war with the Klingons for two Millenium…and we can not be too careful,’ explained Spock. ‘You are of good and logical motives…what can I do for you humans from the ancient town of Eldorado…you do realize that Eldorado existed a thousand years ago and we have studied your history and the lessons of your town,’ Spock explained. ‘Mr. Spock, we come from the 1960s, and we seek an understanding of our future and the future of our town and our planet…the Earth,’ said Billy B. ‘Logic will forecast the future for you good Eldoradians….humans continued to mistrust each other and fight each other and even kill each other…this leads to the destruction of the species,’ Spock said with sadness. ‘Laughter was replaced with tears and joy with sorrow…hope with despair and peace with chaos…for the many of your race…of which I am a partial member,’ Spock said with a tear in his eye. ‘The beauty that was Eldorado faded for lack of interest…much as what you folks call the church did also,’ he continued.

‘What can we do Mr. Spock, to slow or halt the disintegration of our towns and our human species,’ Chet beseeched. ‘It may sound strange for a half-Vulcan to say…love each other…love your fellow man and woman like you love yourselves…this is what keeps towns and societies and species alive,’ Spock said as he turned and walked away from Neva J. and Billy B. and Jane and Chet.

‘Oh my goodness…I must have fallen asleep…and I so wanted to hear Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech in Washington,’ said Neva J. ‘It was great and he spoke of having a Dream…,’ Chet said…

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  1. An excellent analogy and message.

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