Warm Days Of January

Just before Christmas it was below zero degrees and the chill factor was 20 and more below zero. I thought that we were indeed going to have a hard winter. This morning it is in the 50s and the forecast is to be near 60 in temperature. I do not know if there is a name for it but I would term our environment an early spring. I grew up in Southern Illinois and the old folks always said that if you did not like the weather just stick around a few hours and it will change. Now that was the truth as we certainly are accustomed to living through four distinct seasons each year…and that is nice. However, the weather changes are much more pronounced than when I was a child.

I have created a new custom of visiting the woods on almost a daily basis since this past summer. I watched the leaves turn from green to multicolored and then to brown and fall onto the earth. I assumed that I would cease my woods walks in December due to it typically being a winter month for our region. Now I did not traverse the State Park on the zero days…but that is about the only ones that I have missed. I enjoy going in the rain…I like rain…rain is soothing and peaceful and promotes reflection.

MJ and I have talked about renting a condo in Florida for a month in the winter…but it will not be necessary while we are experiencing Florida weather in Little Egypt. I was reading with pleasure a posting from a good friend who commented that she had been walking for health for 20 years. The posting caused me to reflect on how long that I have been doing the same. Forty years and counting is what I came up with.

The Bizzard of 78′ was fierce. The roads were gone and driving anywhere was akin to driving through a field. I was sparking MJ and doing my dead-level best to impress her with my mature demeanor and witty repartee. Her little Maverick car was buried as well as the driveway where it was parked in. Off I trekked to her home with my warmest clothes on and weighing 169 pounds. Many people admonished me to gain some weight…which I have not been so admonished for many years. Shovel… I did it for several hours. MJ wanted me to come in and rest and drink a not cup of Coco…but I would not be deterred until I had accomplished my mission. Finally, the great Blizzard of 78′ Shovel was completed and I enjoyed the Hot Coco and of course, my Bride to be smiling at me and admiring my exploits…made it all worthwhile.

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