Where And When

‘I am telling you that something is in the middle of the road,’ She said. ‘Oh I think it is just the fog, He said. Clunk and then a sound of steam escaping. ‘Get out and see what we hit,’ She said. ‘I think it was a small deer,’ He replied. ‘Come here and look…you are not going to believe this,’ He said. She exited the car and walked slowly to the figure laying in the road. ‘It is Him…he looks like he is asleep,’ She exclaimed. ‘How could it be Him…he died thirty years ago,’ He responded. ‘Well just look at the smile on his face…that is Him, She said. ‘We must get Him to a hospital while he is still breathing,’ She said. ‘First of all, where are we…I do not remember ever being on this road before and there have been no road signs for hours,’ He said. ‘The last road sign that I saw said turn left and we would reach our destination,’ She said. ‘Oh my God…he has disappeared,’ He said! ‘What day is it…you know…when did we leave on our trip,’ She asked? ‘We left when your Mom said that she could not come with us…she was sick…I believe her terminology for her illness was, ‘Spitting Up Yellow,’ She said. ‘Were we at Mom’s at the time of our departure or was that a dream…Mom has been dead for many years,’ He said. ‘Your Mom is not dead…we had dinner with her this evening,’ She said.

‘There has not been another car but ours for a long time,’ He said. ‘Well that is to be expected when you insist on traveling at night,’ She said. ‘Someone is tapping on our window…I can hear them whispering,’ He said. ‘What are they saying, She asked? ‘They are saying for us to turn around and don’t drown, He said. ‘The newscaster on the radio reported that there is a flash flood along the Little Muddy river,’ She said. ‘I used to swim in the Little Muddy when I was just a lad,’ He said. ‘Do you have any more of those delicious brownies that you brought,’ He asked? ‘Here is the last of the Coffee Cake…I have not baked brownies since I was in Brownies in school,’ She said. ‘It is only fifty miles to Eldorado…yet this trip seems that it will never end,’ He said. ‘You have not lived in Eldorado for nearly 50 years,’ She said. ‘Now I hear a little girl laughing,’ He said. ‘Is she saying anything,’ She asked? ‘They are cute and so funny with their simplistic fears and delusions…I am going to meet them and bounce my ball,’ the Litte Girl said.

Stop…there is a Little Girl in the road…and she is bouncing…a Head…

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

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