Where And When II

‘Grandpa, tell me about when you were a child,’ said Grandson. ‘Well that was a long time ago…in a place far far away,’ Grandpa said. ‘We lived in a nice neighborhood in a Chicago suburb and it reminded me of Leave It To Beaver,’ Grandpa said. ‘I watched Bozo every morning and led a carefree life with my friends,’ Grandpa continued. ‘I also enjoyed Captian Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans…chocolate milk in the afternoon and then a little lay down for a nap,’ Grandpa winked. ‘What years did you live in Chicago,’ Grandson asked? ‘Oh, I guess that is about 300 years ago or thereabouts,’ Granpa said. ‘How have you lived so long…Grandpa, Grandson asked? One-A-Day Vitamin and a good cigar,’ Grandpa said.

Grandma asked, ‘What are you telling Grandson…one of your tall tales?’ ‘Did you see the news that President Kennedy was assassinated…they shot him in the head,’ Grandpa asked? ‘Yes and I feel so sorry for Jackie and the children,’ Grandma said. ‘My primary worry for you Grandson is that you do not have to go to Vietnam,’ Grandpa said. ‘What is Vietnam,’ asked Grandson? ‘A terrible war that was fought a long time ago,’ Grandma said.

Grandon asked, ‘What is a Church?’ ‘Grandma and I attend church most of our lives,’ Grandpa said. ‘Yes we ended our time with the Presbyterians…they were hard-working and very nice people,’ Grandma said. ‘Salt of the Earth…I say…Salt of the Earth those Presbyterians,’ Grandpa said. ‘You went to Church to learn about God and study his word and worship with others,’ Grandma said. ‘Are there any churches left,’ Grandson asked? ‘Grandma…get those Bible Story Books out and show them to Grandson, ‘Grandpa said.

‘Snow is beautiful,’ She said. ‘Yes…Grandpa often told me about it,’ He said. ‘Sometimes it feels like life repeats itself,’ She said. ‘I have questions on why we can not seem to travel more than a few miles outside our town, He said. ‘I have seen that weird girl in my dreams,’ She said. ‘Have you seen anyone else recently,’ He said. ‘Only the little girl who was bouncing that grotesque head…and that…I think was in my dreams,’ She said.

‘What time is it,’ She said. ‘What year is it…,’ She asked. ‘Where are we,’ She said.

‘Einstein said that time is an illusion,’ He said. ‘Or perhaps it is circular and we visit where we have visited…before,’ He said.

‘Deja vu…,’ She said…

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