Where And When III

‘I swear this continuing darkness gets on my nerves more than anything,’ He said. ‘I do not remember the last time that I saw the sun,’ She said. ‘It is always cold here…I am glad we brought our comforters,’ She said. ‘The iPhone flashlight helps out if you can find a place to charge the phone,’ He said. ‘I think that we must have taken a wrong turn back at the fork in the road…none of these shadows look familiar,’ She said. ‘The last sign I saw said Chicago 20 Miles…but we have driven for a long time and I still do not see the lights of the Windy City,’ He said. ‘I was born in Chicago…you know…at St. Mary’s Hospital in 1957,’ He said. ‘Your mom was lovely both on the outside as well as her soul,’ She said. ‘Mom grew up in Southern Illinois and her first job was in the Shoe Factory,’ He said. ‘When I was a small boy I was walking along our front porch in Sauk Village and I thought that at least we have a nice house this time,’ He said. ‘What does this time mean…you were 3 years old,’ She said.

‘The little girl reminds me of an old movie that I saw with Jane Fonda…it was a horror movie…the image of the little girl who was first bouncing a ball and then a head…stuck with me all of my life,’ He said. ‘I think the movie was French,’ He said. ‘What do you think that the girl with the head typified,’ She said. ‘I have always considered that she was the Devil,’ he said. ‘Why would we see her now…after all of the years that have passed,’ She said. ‘Maybe it is the end of time…Grandma A. often spoke of the Battle of Armageddon and the end of time and the Seven Last Plagues,’ He said. ‘I have always believed that we never see the Devil until he has overtaken us,’ She said. ‘The Bible says that he can appear as an angel of light,’ He said.

‘There is plenty of seats in the front…please come down and take a seat before we begin,’ Pastor said. ‘There will be refreshments and hot coffee and even some wine at the conclusion of the service, Pastor said. ‘Pastor when will the sun shine again,’ asked Patrick? ‘Well, that is a good question…I wish that I had the answer…this perpetual night is creating a lot of depressed people,’ Pastor said. ‘When will we let the pretty little girl in…it is cold outside and she has a big beach ball,’ Patrick said.

‘I simply love the beach…the sand and watching the ocean are soothing to my soul,’ Girl said.

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