Ice covers the landscape this morning. I ventured out yesterday morning and then discovered that it was slick underfoot. Currently, it is 19 degrees but it feels like 9. Reminiscent of the winters of my childhood. In our neck of the woods, our winter clothing varies from heavy coats, gloves, and neck scarves to light jackets and sweaters. The forecast is 50 degrees for Sunday. You can get a chill and a hot flash on the same day.

Frozen we are in today’s world. We consider saying a word of encouragement to our neighbor but we fear being misunderstood. Our houses become our fortresses. We have become a bit insular because of our inactivity in interaction. The wave we do at our neighbors if we are outgoing…but what are their names.

Porches were vital when I was a kid. Air conditioning was a rarity in poor homes and even in the middle class. Everyone sat outside on their front porches and ‘took some air’ each evening. We took turns porch visiting. It was a common occurrence for our neighbors to knock on our door and engage in a pop-in for an impromptu visit. We knew who was sick and who was well. We knew who was out of work or hurting financially. We knew who was hungry and needed a basket of garden produce or food staples to get them to the end of the month. People who were depressed said that they had the Blues. Some who were troubled emotionally said that they were Nervous.

Some of our neighbors were rescued by their regular fellowship with others. They may have had the Blues but the friendly faces and concern of their friends helped. There are no easy answers…but it helped.

Sunshine comes in many forms. We rejoice in the warm rays of the Sun…and we warm ourselves by the fireside of our friends.

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  1. “Porch visits” sounds like a nice way to live.

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