Lost In Time

‘How long have we been driving,’ She said. ‘Well in one respect it seems like forever but on the other hand only a few minutes.’ He said. ‘We have to get home in time to take the kids to Tumble at Christopher,’ She said. ‘Our kids are middle-aged,’ He said. ‘I have been reading the road map and according to it we turn right in five miles,’ She said. ‘The GPS on my iPhone says for us to continue on the road that we are on,’ He said. ‘I have the feeling that we are driving in circles…if it was not so dark and foggy I would swear that we keep passing the same Gas Station,’ She said. ‘I did find it a bit interesting that we passed a white Subaru a dozen times,’ He said.

‘Have you finished your lesson, Grandpa said. ‘No I have another chapter to read,’ Grandma said. ‘Are you going out today on the ice,’ She said. ‘Not until the temperature gets above freezing,’ He said. ‘I can not afford any more broken ribs,’ He said. ‘Do you think that Trump will win in 2024, She said. ‘I am a Kennedy man myself,’ He said. ‘Are there any Kennedys left to run for President,’ She said. ‘JFK is just hitting his stride,’ He said. ‘You seem somewhat lost in time,’ She said. ‘Kennedy got us through the Cuban Missle Crisis and he will guide us forward,’ He said.

‘Why did you get out of the car last night…we were scared to death,’ She said. ‘My beach ball blew out of the window and I had to run and get it,’ Girl said. ‘Did you look before you crossed the road,’ He said. ‘Yes and a car passed by slowly and the people looked frightened when they saw me…with my beachball,’ Girl said. ‘The man was crying and he called me el diablo,’ Girl said. ‘How did you get home…you beat us there,’ He said. ‘Suddenly I was there in my bedroom watching Rosemary’s Baby,’ Girl said.

‘Hurry up we do not want to miss the cartoon before Frankenstein begins,’ He said. ‘I love the coming attractions,’ She said. ‘The Orpheum looks so welcoming at night with the Marquee Lights ablaze,’ He said. ‘At times I have a deja vu moment when I am in the Theatre,’ She said. ‘Mom can not get the top up on the 57′ Chevy…we may be going home in the rain,’ He said. ‘You know a Vintage 57′ Chevy is very valuable,’ She said. ‘Vintage…it is only 6 years old,’ He said.

‘It reminds me of a racetrack,’ He said. ‘We only go so far in any direction and then we curve back again to where we have already been,’ He said. ‘World War I was supposed to be the ‘War To End All Wars’ but it was not,’ She said. ‘I thought with the success of the Civil Rights Movement that prejudice would end…but it has not,’ He said. ‘Our church was full…now it is empty…just like the history books foretold,’ She said.

‘Stop awhile… let us be friends, Girl said as she waved and smiled. ‘Look…there is another Subaru,’ Girl said. ‘My God…they look just like us,’ She said!

The Beachball bounced languidly down the dark and foggy road.

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