A few days ago we had an ice storm. It was below-freezing for several days. Old people, like me, are afraid to get out…no more broken ribs. Now it is 56 degrees and all is right with the world. At Giant City State Park the kids were out with their dog who was dutifully carrying a frisbee. Spring is on its way. The ice was melting into the creek and the water was singing. The Giant City Lodge had been closed since the middle of December…and now is open again. ‘Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.’

‘When can we return to Pounds Hollow for a swim,’ Billy B. asked? ‘Well it is only February 5th,’ said Chet. ‘Yes, but have you ever heard of the Polar Bear Plunge,’ Billy B. responded. ‘This is the ideal day for a PB Plunge,’ said Jane with a wink. ‘It is 56 degrees and we can take our Salamander Heater to warm ourselves for when we get out of the water,’ Neva J. offered with a glass of Merlot in her hand and a laugh in her heart. ”Will it fit in the trunk of the 57′ Chevy,’ Daryl inquired? ‘ It sure will, Billy B. almost had his trousers burned off one below-zero day when we were working on the new church last winter,’ Chet said. ‘Yes that was the day that I had two pairs of trousers on and I was warming myself by the Salamander and enjoying its cozy flame…only to look down and see that the set closest to the flame had begun to melt,’ Billy B. said with some extreme feeling. ‘Did you not feel that your trousers were melting… did you not smell the smoke of burning polyester,’ Jane asked? ‘I only felt very warm and secure and happy to not be freezing in the unheated new portion of the church, Billy B. answered.

Pounds Hollow had a bit of a winter desolation about it. The Locker Rooms were closed as well as the little store. The melting snow and ice were dotting the beach. Chet and Daryl and Billy B. pulled the Salamander through the hole in the fence that they often used for such purposes. The Pond still had some spots of ice on it. ‘I am wearing my swimming trunks under my trousers,’ Chet noted. ‘Me too…and I am determined to not stand so close to the Salamander,’ Billy B. swore. ‘I have decided to just swim in my Birthday Suit,’ Daryl said with a lusty laugh! Neva J. and Jane had chosen to change their clothes behind the pavilion. ‘Fire it up,’ said Chet. ‘My God…the flame shoots out about three feet from the furnace,’ Neva J. said with alarm! ‘How do you think that my polyester trousers got melted,’ Billy B. exclaimed!

‘Oh, Jesus…Mary…and Joseph…the water is frigid,’ Billy B. shouted! ‘Dad says that if you want to acclimate yourself to cold water you must submerge yourself,’ Daryl exclaimed as he dove in and disappeared. ‘Where is Daryl,’ asked Chet? ‘He has been under the water for more than a minute,’ Jane said with fear in her voice. ‘Chet we must go under to see if we can find Daryl…what if he has passed out from the cold,’ Billy B. said. As Billy B. and Chet swam under the cold water they saw Daryl in an enclosed space sipping hot chocolate and talking with someone… they both seemed warm and dry and happy on a February afternoon. ‘Greetings Billy B. and Chet,’ said the Wiz who was Daryl’s dad. ‘How do you like the Creature From The Black Lagoons underwater home,’ Daryl asked? ‘Homer, that is the Creature’s given name, told me that I could use his home anytime that I wanted to…he currently is in Florida for the winter,’ The Wiz said. ‘Homer does not like the cold weather since he has become older,’ The Wiz explained. ‘He took his portable underwater home with him on the movie shoots and marveled that no one seemed to catch on that he had a secret abode in the Black Lagoon, The Wiz laughed! Homer has raised five kids and lives in Destin for much of the year…but he does do several Autograph Events in the warmer months,’ Daryl added. ‘We better get back to the beach and see how the girls are fairing,’ said Chet.

‘It is cold in a bathing suit and especially after jumping into the chilly water,’ Neva J. said. I am just happy that we have the Salamander with us to dry off and ward against the chill,’ Jane responded. ‘Hello ladies…you are here on a chilly day,’ said Homer. ‘Yes…are you the caretaker of Pounds Hollow,’ asked Neva J.? ‘No I have a little underwater house in the lake,’ Homer replied. ‘I think you would enjoy seeing it if you do not mind accompanying me and my friend…Nessie,’ Homer said.

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  1. Sounds a bit chilly.

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