Coming Home

Most of us came into the world with a slap on our backside and a lusty cry. We had been warm and safe and listening to our mother’s heartbeat music. When mom laughed we smiled knowing that all was right with our world. Then the bright lights of our new life showed on our faces…and we were sore and afraid…until we saw the radiant smile of our moms and dads. Life became different…and exciting!

MJ and Jonathon and I greeted two young women at Church last Sunday. Their faces lit up with the joy of being welcomed! When other humans care about us…we shine. Suddenly we see ourselves through their dancing eyes.

We have several chapters in our time on earth. Some are rosy and full of laughter and love…while others are looking through a glass darkly. Often we are fully prepared to be the master of our fate…while at other times we are at the bottom of the Ship Of Life wrenching from seasickness. The journey is both magnificent and miserable…often at the same time.

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Shakespeare told us that all life is a stage and we are but players on it. Oh, but what a glorious play it is!
Green shoots are poking their new heads up between the brown leaves of last fall. They say, ‘ I am here to experience this miracle called life!

Peace is a bit elusive until we accept the journey on its’ terms rather than our own. The Sun is just behind the clouds. The Bible tells us, ‘Weeping may endure for a night…but joy cometh in the morning.’

It is reported that the animals in Turkey and Syria acted erratically just before the devastating earthquake struck a few hours ago. Birds flew in a manic manner and dogs howled prior to the shaking. The animal family realized what we humans did not sense.

Often we are obsessed with who is winning and who is losing…when we are all winners to be a part of God’s halcyon creation…

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  1. Such a lovely post my friend, it is so sad about the earthquakes in Turkey.

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