Hard Questions

If you have faith…you have questions. I have been a person of faith for 55 years…and I have questions. During my early faith journey, I heard some concerning analogies made to reason or rationale as to why one person appeared to be healed of God and the other was not. These contentions seemed to range from the people who were praying for the person who got better and became well again must have been praying more fervently…or God respected the one more highly than the other due to their righteous life, and this included how much they gave to the church, and finally that God has a plan and it is not for we mere humans to understand his awesome purpose…

Turkey and Syria have lost upwards of 40 thousand people to the devastating earthquake that hit a few days ago…and now another has struck. Now, these people are God’s creation…his children… Some will say…’Well have they accepted Jesus as their personal savior,’… So the answer is that God is very clannish…or he only likes the members of his Club….or He keeps a running score and tabulates it daily on the petty and minuscule bias of humans as they struggle for water and food and to exist…

How is it that we religious folks are bedrock certain that our denomination and theology is not only the best…but the only true path back to Jerusalem…back to God? How did the inhabitants of one little planet in our galaxy which is one of the millions of other galaxies decide that we would divide our faith and walk into so many divisions that no one can really explain how they came to be?

Is God at fault or does the chasm of doubt lay within each of us for fashioning Him in our own image…

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  1. Wonderful post! Wonderful.

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