Competing Thoughts

Being Human is to have competing thoughts. For instance, most Americans have a poor opinion of Congress but have high esteem for their individual congresswoman or man. We doubt God’s love for us until someone demonstrates that love to us. When we hear the truth we do not accept it if it does not align with our definition of truth. We seek faith as it was explained to us by our friends and neighbors and clan. Many happenings in our lives are so bizarre and over the top of our understanding that it is easier to assign a story to the occurrence that fits with our sense of place in reality.

I understand a bit about the history of Holiness Churches. By the way, the old title of Holiness Churches was worn at one time by both denominational and nondenominational churches. In their heyday, these churches did not believe in going to the theatre or having a television in your home and no dancing or drinking or basically any pleasure of the flesh other than perhaps eating. Now, these folks on a wholesale lot accepted and proclaimed our last President as the second coming of King David of the Old Testament. Of course, the rationale was that King David had his peccadillos…remember Bathsheba. Mind you I am not making light of this belief as it is firmly in the hearts and minds of many churchgoers. Many in the Christian faith seek a Benevolent Dictator. An Authoritarian who has the mantle of God on his shoulders and who must be obeyed because they are sent by God.

Perhaps by our dogma and our hard-wrought doctrine…we are closing the door to many who seek sanctuary and solace and love in what feels like an unloving world. Could it be that we came into our church with a good job and a loving family and perceived status and placement in our community…while others are seeking somewhere to belong…where they are accepted for who they are…they are coming as they are…’ Just as I am, without one plea But that Thy blood was shed for me And that Thou bids me come to Thee…Oh, Lamb of God, I come, I come…’

‘Why to Pray…,’ we say. ‘No one is listening…,’ we say! Yet time and chance happen to each of us…and then we pray. Many are agnostics and others are atheists…but each of them would like to believe…

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