Tell Us Your Stories

Our last day of winter has been unusually cold in our neck of the woods. I was listening to an article from the Washington Post as I walked the woods and was caught by the writer saying that her primary goal was to get people to tell her their stories. Our stories connect us. I think it is a bit the same in church life in which I have been involved for 55 years. We can believe that the sermon on Sunday will compel people to enter the church’s doors…but what gets them to the threshold to open the doors and come in? Stories that connect them to a fellow human being that finds fulfillment in the church. If you share with me some of your walk of faith and hope for the future and your church is a part of the narrative…you have my attention. There are so many glossy and grandiose places to focus our time on…but we search for the real and the authentic.

Exclusive clubs are a part of life. Many of us have been shut out of the Clubs that require a certain portfolio and a preferred status. When you talk to me about how faith is common sense and a bedrock part of your life and I can see through your story that it is relatable to my struggles and challenges…I am interested. I read recently that denominational churches have become frozen in time as to their outreach and outlook. Baby Boomers and the generation prior to the Boomers had focused on the problems of their generations while Millenials and Generation Z have many different issues and need from the church.

Pastor Kerry spoke eloquently this morning regarding the issue of depression. Depression and other mental illness issues are throughout our world and yet we hear little about these very real health problems. Kerry mentioned that one in ten of us suffer from depression.

Testimony was a part of the holiness Church’s Sunday service. Testifying was people telling their stories. Indeed none of us want everyone to know our business…but there is real efficacy in explaining the meaning of Faith in your life. Nothing captivates our attention and our hearts like the truth out of the mouths of our friends!

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