Blackened Earth

‘I can not wait for our campout this evening at Giant City State Park,’ Jane exclaimed! ‘It still seems a bit chilly for camping and the wind is neverending, Chet observed. ‘Well one thing is for sure we will be able to see where we are going with no leaves on the trees,’ Neva J. laughed. ‘I believe my new Winnebago Sleeping Bag will keep me warm,’ Billy B. announced. ‘As for the Wiz and me we are erecting our tent for the frosty night,’ Daryl said. ‘It has been a custom in my family to camp on the second night of spring each year…no matter what the weather brings,’ Billy B. noted with a satisfied smile. ‘We are just like the postman in that neither rain nor snow shall keep us from our heritage of Second Night Camping,’ Neva J. said.

‘It seems every few days we hear of another suspicious fire in our area,’ Jane said with a furrowed brow. ‘They are suspected of arson but thus far no one has been apprehended,’ Neva J. responded. ‘It has been speculated that they may be politically motivated, Chet observed. ‘No chance of suspicious fires at the GC…it has been raining all day,’ laughed Billy B.

Our group arrived at the GC late afternoon and it was cloudy with light rain falling. They quickly began setting up their tents as no one wanted to sleep in the rain. The odor of something that was either burning or had recently been burnt hung in the air. ‘It must be a fellow camper’s fire,’ said Daryl. ‘I was camping in a woods in England many years ago when a fire started from a campfire and I barely made my way out alive,’ The Wiz said with some unusual pleasure. ‘It was rumored that Jack The Ripper’s ghost lived in the woods and he loved to blow on campfires and create havoc…for his entertainment,’ The Wiz continued. ‘Perhaps he is here at GC tonight as it certainly is windy,’ Chet replied as he snuggled into his sleeping bag. ‘Let us not sleep until we all enjoy a glass of Merlot,’ Neva J. said as she uncorked a bottle and the pop resounded through the quiet forest. ‘I must visit the restroom before I zip myself into the bag,’ Billy B. advised as he quaffed his last drop of red wine.

Goodness, the acrid smell of burning is getting stronger Billy B. mused as he made his way to one of the nice outdoor privies that were located throughout GC. ‘Hello Mate…fancy a wee do you,’ said the Victorian-dressed man exiting the restroom. ‘What is going on said Billy B…I smell smoke and it is getting stronger,’ Billy B. asked the strange and dignified-looking man who appeared from another time. ‘Controlled Burn…Mate…good for the foliage…

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  1. Nothing beats a scary story around the campfire.

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