It was another day for most. Not so for her son. He had wanted to help people since he was a young boy. The other children regarded him as their big brother. He loved to work with his dad in his shop. He enjoyed fishing and of course, everyone did…but then so did his friends. Mom gave him a bedtime that he did not like very much. He had a girlfriend and she enjoyed hearing him tell his stories. He was a captivating storyteller. You could shut your eyes and soon you were transported to the location and the time of his story. He was surprisingly rooted and had a clear sense of place. Mom told him that he was special and that he had a mission on Earth. He wondered how that could be as he was a little kid and often got tired and felt sick and he hit his thumb with a hammer in dad’s shop…and he uttered a bad word…

Although he had years of experience in Dad’s Shop he planned to go into commercial fishing. He loved to catch fish. He and his girlfriend had plans to be married. They loved each other and she understood him…she was into him. He loved to walk through the hills. He loved people but he was a bit solitary and contemplative.

He enjoyed looking at clouds and the blue sky. He enjoyed camping with his dad and brothers. This is where he told many of his stories. People told him that he had a unique voice and that they enjoyed hearing him speak. He thought that his voice sounded a bit strange…but was appreciative of the compliments.

So many were following him. They hung on his every word. One time he helped to feed thousands of people. He was as surprised as anyone how the food had multiplied. He was at a wedding of a friend and they told him that they had run out of wine…he asked that they pour a fresh glass…and it was wine…

His best friend kissed his cheek and then the soldiers took him. He thought of his fiance and the multiplication of the food and the new wine. Mom told him that he had a mission…from God. He prayed…’Let this cup pass from me…not my will but thy will be done.’

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