Easter Chill

The temperature had plummeted fifteen degrees. It had felt like early summer and now it felt more like fall, instead of a warm shirt the need dictated a sweater and hat to accompany the ensemble. Life was simple enough for the poor and boiled down to the necessities and few luxuries. The kids were excited about Easter and the Easter Bunny, hiding Easter Eggs, and getting Easter Baskets. Mom had the rough choice of providing some fun for her children or paying for her monthly prescriptions. She chose to give those whom she loved a fun and memorable Holiday.

The Boy climbed on his mom’s lap as he did each evening and she read him an Easter Story. She read of Jesus and his love for all humans and how he healed the sick and fed the hungry. The Boy asked Mom why she seemed happy but her eyes were sad? Mom said that Jesus loved him, had been crucified, resurrected from the dead, and was forever alive. ‘How interesting,’ the boy said.

Easter came and mom and her boy and girl arrived at church for Sunrise Service. Their clothes were plain but adequate. They sat in the back pew and listened to the preacher. ‘Jesus forgave those who crucified him…his message was to do good to those who hurt you and to love everyone,’ said the preacher. Mom was losing her eyesight. The kids did not know. She read the stories from memory each night when the boy climbed onto her lap. She no longer could see the words. As the service ended and the many congregants walked out and on their way to Easter Brunch…the humble family waited so as to not be noticed for their poor garments. An old man was watching them from the dark corner of the church. He wore a Fedora and had a white beard. He asked Mom how she had been and she said not bad for an old lady. The Old Man laughed and tears came to his eyes and he gave her a balm. ‘Put this on your eyes when you arrive home…tell no one…

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  1. Beautiful… (My own mantra, with care…

    1. Thank you, my friend.

  2. Wonderful writing! Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you, kind sir.

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