The Dinner

It was a celebration…a Holiday… He hoped that he had gotten everything prepared…everything right. It was a familial/business meeting. There would be much to discuss. Things were going to change. Actually little would be as it had been.

What an interesting journey…what an exciting ride, he thought. Hope buoyed him…and he rode on the dreams of his friends. As they all came into the dining hall they were laughing and goading each other. They were a good group. Local boys and hard workers. They all wanted to sit near the boss. As always they were all ready for a glass of wine.

‘What did the boss say…take some bread and drink from his cup…for how long,’ the Big Guy asked? ‘I could not hear him as everyone was talking at once…and someone hollered to the matron and asked her when she was going to take the food order,’ the Young One said.

‘As he passed me the bowl of appetizers he said…I thought that he said…that one of us who dipped his hand in the bowl with him was going to betray him,’ The Old One said. ‘What did you do then,’ asked the Young One?’ ‘I jerked my hand out of the bowl and passed it on…I never cared much for appetizers,’ The Old One said.

He started singing. He liked to sing and he enjoyed his friends singing with him… The song was sad and soon everyone began to cry… except J.I. who sat silently and appeared deep in thought.

2 responses

  1. Great story! Will you maybe put these into a collection for a book?

    1. Thank you, my friend. I have thought about it.

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