A Second Easter Dinner

It was a dark day. But then again it had been a dark day since the incident. Fear hovered like a cloud over the friends. The conversation had been replete with rumors and stories and unbelievable renditions regarding what had happened since the death of Hope. ‘I tell you…I saw him in the marketplace and he was buying some figs,’ he said. ‘Well, he did enjoy the occasional fig…and fish…he loved a good plate of fish,’ she added. ‘My crew asked me what I was planning on doing now that he is gone and some suggested we move away to avoid the danger that is obviously in store for us as his followers,’ the Old One said. ‘Oh it is not so dangerous as long as we do not venture outside until the heat of the moment has cooled…the doors are securely locked and I check their security hourly,’ DT noted.

‘Nic told me that it is not safe to attend synagogue as they have sentries posted to see if we attempt entry,’ the boy lamented. ‘I saw him…he looked wonderful too except for the wounds that he received in the house of his friends,’ she said with a glowing smile. ‘We saw the tender mercies of the Romans when it came to our leader…what do you think that they have in store for us,’ the Doctor asked? ‘No one treated me as if I mattered…before him…he treated me as an equal,’ little Z said.

‘Peace friends…DT I heard that you wanted to see my wounds…I have purchased us some figs…does anyone have some fish… let us have dinner…’

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